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Rod Pennington's Freebie Genealogy Page

Tripod offers 5 megs of free (even if filled with ads) disk space, so
what the heck, I decided to post some of my genealogy files on-line.
This will be an ongoing project, with links and files added over time.
If you find your kin in any of these files, please contact me at  Rod Pennington  Temple, TX.

First, in case some of you wonder what we look like, I included the photo above, which shows the four of us (Rod and Janice, Katie and Andie-the little redhead) standing atop Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina, the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi River. This was two years ago, but I like the photo.

Now, on to the genealogy stuff.....

Genealogy pages....

LEE genealogy:
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