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This page will contain files and links pertaining to LEE genealogy, primarily focusing on descendants of John LEE, Esquire of Johnston County, North Carolina including my ancestors who settled in Franklin County, Arkansas and later near Arkadelphia, Arkansas. For those unfamiliar with it, the John LEE, Esquire line is enormous and probably includes tens of thousands of living descendants.

Brief history of John LEE, Esquire

John Lee, Esquire (abbreviated JLX) was probably born in VA or NC around 1695 and is thought to have been among the Roanoke River Settlers in 1720. JLX's wife was Mary, who may have been the daughter of William and Alice (McLand) Bryan. JLX and Mary started their family on lands between the Roanoke and Tar rivers along Coneto and Conoho Creeks. Today, these lands would be along the borders of the NC counties of Halifax, Martin, Edgecome, and Pit. Several or all of John and Mary's children were born in the Roanoke region and records through 1744 most frequently list JLX as being of Edgecomb Co., NC.

By the 1740s, settlers were moving into lands in Johnston County- then known as Craven County. These immigrants included JLX who on 26 July 1743 received grants for 400 and 100 acres of land along the south bank of the Neuse River. Many of JLX's Conoho Creek neighbors such as Needham, John, and William Bryan also moved south to Johnston County prior to 1750. Court records detail JLX's various land holdings (over 1700 acres) in Johnston County and refer to his serving on juries, laying off roads, etc. John and Mary lived the remainder of their lives in Johnston County and raised at least nine children.

John died between December 4, 1766 when his will was written in Johnston Co., NC, and February of 1768 when the will was probated. John's will names wife Mary, sons Robert, Edward, John, Thomas, Frederick; daughters Mary Ballanger and Sabray Green, grandson Shadrack Ingram. John's wife Mary probably died before 1780.

Source: W. Johnston, et al., compilers, John Lee Esquire and Some of his Descendants. (1975) (available at Johnston Co., NC library in Smithfield, NC).

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